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American Cakes - [ 16 Cakes ]

Browse our collection of traditional American cakes - from red velvet cake and ferraro rocher cake to Mousse cake and baked cheesecake. Perfect recipes for birthday or special occasion cakes. We have confectioners who are specialised in american cakes.

AC013- Ferrero Rocher Special Cake

A simply cute Ferrero Rocher Special cake with Ferrero candies topping on it. When it comes to the moment of celebrating the special day like anniversary, birthday, Christmas etc the presence of this cake – Ferrero Rocher Cake is one of the most indispensible choices. Made from the fresh and healthy ingredients. Also available as sugarless and egg less.

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AC014- Ferraro Rocher Regular Cake

Still haven’t decided what cake to get for your beloved ones birthday? How about you give this amazing cake a try! The celebrity cake of all our cakes! We all know how wonderful Ferrero Rocher candies are.  Our popular Ferrerro Rocher cake has chocolate sponge layered with Ferrerro Rocher blended chocolate cream, giving you that crunch you desire. This special recipe sponge are filled and covered with Fererro chocolate cream, decorated with cream swirls and toffee drizzle, then topped with Ferrero Rochers chocolates.  

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