Looking for the best cakes and theme party ideas?

Don’t worry, the best cake shops in Chennai has got you covered. – Cake Square. We believe every event should be celebrated with grandeur because no one can run out of enough excuses to eat cake. Here are some of our unique theme ideas with the best cakes in Chennai – matching up to the theme. Royal Theme: This theme would suit any child because they all are prince and princesses. To be cherished that way, always makes the child feel special. Purple is the colour of royalty and you could go with that colour décor and dress your child as a prince or princess. Purple leaves a very charming ambience – so you could use mauve coloured satin to...

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Why Cake Square is one of the best cake shops in Chennai?

Cakes are not just yummy and creamy treats. They are the symbol of celebration and glee, no matter what the occasion is. Can you even imagine a birthday bash without a giant cake with some candles on it? No. The same goes for a send-off party of your beloved colleague. Cakes have the power to add sweetness to the celebration, making it memorable through every bite.    But you just don't always need a celebration as an excuse to indulge in a piece of chocolate cake. Whether you are feeling stressed at the end of a long day or sad after a crying session, you can always treat yourself with a spoon of some creamy and sugary cake from Cake...

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Delightful Red Velvet Cake

If Chocolate Cake is the King of cakes, then we can definitely say that a gorgeous and soft Red Velvet Cake is the Regal Queen of Cake Kingdom. Why? A Red Velvet Cake can bewitch onlookers in a second and has become the symbol of romance over time.  Whether it’s the birthday of your partner, proposal, or intimate candle dinner, a piece of alluring Red Velvet Cake can enrich the mood immediately. The swirl of red and white bring the passion and purity of love in the cake. That’s why many our beloved customers go for this red cake to surprise their partners.  Let’s put aside the tempting look of Red Velvet Cake for a second. Taste is the Ch(i)ef...

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TOP 20 Christmas Cakes of 2019 to Try for Christmas Eve

Christmas is almost here!! So are you ready to prepare the best to get your taste buds blessed on this Christmas eve? Here are the top 10 must-try Christmas cake recipes to make your Christmas truly attractive, appealing and amazing than usual. For the biggest holiday season, homemade Christmas cakes are the best than ever when baked to perfection with love.   1. White Christmas Cake Christmas eve can turn colorfully tasty with the white creamy Christmas cake which is made with vanilla flavor. If you wish to make it pure white yet mouth-watering, try adding butter like Lurpark butter to get the best out of what you expect2. Black Forest Cake The most favorite Black forest cake can give...

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