TOP 20 Christmas Cakes of 2019 to Try for Christmas Eve

Christmas is almost here!! So are you ready to prepare the best to get your taste buds blessed on this Christmas eve? Here are the top 10 must-try Christmas cake recipes to make your Christmas truly attractive, appealing and amazing than usual. For the biggest holiday season, homemade Christmas cakes are the best than ever when baked to perfection with love.

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1. White Christmas Cake

Christmas eve can turn colorfully tasty with the white creamy Christmas cake which is made with vanilla flavor. If you wish to make it pure white yet mouth-watering, try adding butter like Lurpark butter to get the best out of what you expect

2. Black Forest Cake

The most favorite Black forest cake can give the ultimate pleasure of tasting this Christmas with its amazing flavors that is chocolaty & layered. For the best fluffiness, try using the authentic German chocolate chips and fresh red cherries to make it more stunning like never before

3. White Chocolate Candy Cake

One-of-a-kind White Chocolate Candy cake just tastes outstanding from inside out. The white and red candy melts blended with buttercream makes it the perfect choice of layered cake to enjoy on Christmas eve.

4. Christmas Fruit Cake

If you wish to prepare something nutritious, Christmas Fruit cake is an utterly delicious option that gives the best delight with the mix of dried fruits, spices, and nuts on Christmas Day. From young to old, everyone loves it.

5.Chocolate Peppermint Cake

If you love flavors with a twist, the Chocolate Peppermint Cake is a must-try cake recipe that is rich with two-tone peppermint buttercream adding happiness to your appetite. To please your guests, chocolate peppermint cake is one amazing choice with a classic festive touch. If you wrap it up in Italian buttercream, you could find yourself sinking into the creamy feast.

6.White Winter Gingerbread Cake

Want to make a fast yet super-delicious cake for your guests and family this Christmas? White Winter Gingerbread cake is an easy homemade Christmas cake you can simply make with your wish of flavor. It would taste better if you make it with the chocolate flavor and give it buttercream piping decor.

7.Peppermint Cheesecake

Anyone who loves flavor fall in love with this unique peppermint cheesecake which is a layer of white chocolate blended with cheese and peppermint sandwiched in two layers to form the wonderful peppermint cheesecake.

8.Carrot Christmas Cake

You can’t get enough of enjoying cream cheese frosting! To add on a nutritional essence, get the shreds of carrot with the best frosting to form a healthy Christmas cake to serve guests on Christmas eve.

9.Vegan Cheesecake

If you wish to give your vegan guests a tummy-full feast, vegan cheesecake is an apt choice as it tastes unbelievably smooth, rich and creamy. The magic behind the smoothness & taste is the soaked cashews that enhances the flavor too.

10.Hot Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t love Chocolates!! Hot Chocolate cake is one fondant Christmas cake that makes the chocolate lovers enjoy with its amazing choco layers and marshmallow mixtures. Try using a marshmallow frosting to get the best out of the Hot chocolate cake.

11.Mocha Toffee Crunch Cake

Love Coffee? Get this ultimate mocha toffee Crunch Cake for your guests on Christmas day which bring the combo of chocolate and coffee that lets you fall in love with the incomparable taste-giving and moist Mocha Toffee Crunch Christmas Cake.

12. Red Velvet Cake

Want to get the exclusive taste of velvety textures in its fluffy and buttery form? Make the awesome red velvet cake with the vanilla and cocoa powder delivering the one good appealing layered Christmas cake for party.

13. Glazed Rum Cake

Topped with Butter rum glaze and creamy frosting, the glazed rum Christmas cake is a mouth-watering piece of delight to make and serve this Christmas.

14. Easy Pumpkin Cake

Get the fall flavor going with the easy-to-make Pumpkin Christmas cake which brings in the mood of halloween on a Christmas eve too. Try it with different seasoning to get swayed!

15.Checkerboard Christmas Cake

Checkerboard Christmas cake is a must-try cake for your Christmas eve as it create the moments that you would love to cherish forever. Being a layered cake, try using different colors like green, pink, red and white to make it uniquely appealing.

16.Eggnog Cake

Christmas special Eggnog cake is drool-worthy and comparatively enthralling with its three layers and tasty syrup. Add Rum and nutmeg to get the classic eggnog flavor in your homemade Christmas cake.

17.Malteser Christmas Cake

Christmas Malteser cake is a unique Christmas that sure is a showstopper if you do it perfectly with the arrangement of choco balls and essence in place.

18.Ice Forest Christmas Cake

Since Christmas is all about trees, making a homemade Ice Forest Christmas cake is a wise choice as it brings a beautiful look while not forgetting to impress your guests with the magic of taste.

19.Coconut Christmas Cake

A coconut-rich Christmas cake with rich buttercream frosting can be the heart-filling delight for the evening amidst the joyful celebrations.

20.Stained Glass Christmas Cake

This is definitely one of its kind Christmas cake where you could keep melted Jolly Ranchers to form the "panes" and gets the tempting look it deserves. The stained glass Christmas cake can be the perfect cake of the Christmas day if you’d do it at home and serve.

The first and foremost thing we would like to do is wish you a Merry Christmas. When you bake it with your heart, your cake tastes better than it would be. So, get your forks and spoons ready to enjoy this Christmas soulfully - Best cake shops in chennai!

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