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Don’t worry, the best cake shops in Chennai has got you covered. – Cake Square.
We believe every event should be celebrated with grandeur because no one can run out of enough excuses to eat cake.
Here are some of our unique theme ideas with the best cakes in Chennai – matching up to the theme.

Royal Theme:
This theme would suit any child because they all are prince and princesses. To be cherished that way, always makes the child feel special. Purple is the colour of royalty and you could go with that colour décor and dress your child as a prince or princess. Purple leaves a very charming ambience – so you could use mauve coloured satin to drape around as your décor. Or use any dark royal coloured decoration to go along with the theme.  As for the cake, you need to choose from the best cakes in Chennai, at Cake Square – either go all out grand by opting for a multi tiered cake or keep it subtle by choosing your child’s favourite flavour.

Global Theme:
This travel theme is very unique and versatile for adults as well as aspiring kids. You can express one’s love of destination hopping by using quirky designs, paper planes, maps, passports, fancy cars, and posh hotel look for your theme definition. It is leaves more to imagination when the best cake choice for this theme is choosing an Airport cake or a luggage cake or any element you’d want to be highlighted. Surely picking from the best cakes in Chennai provides a lot of scope of this theme and it would be a guaranteed magnificent success. 

Under this theme you could also opt for special elements of special countries. Cherry Blossom under Japan. La Tomatina under Spain and such other festivals.

Cartoon Theme:
The most child-like thing to do is watch favourite cartoons on television – opting for this theme makes it very simple and frolic. From Mickey mouse, Tom and Jerry, Peppa Pig, Dora, Disney princesses, Boss Baby – all have relatively been important part of growing up. Revisiting their love for such things makes it a very memorable event. You can arrange for a photo booth or use any of these characters as mascots to bring presents for everyone.

Space and Astronauts:
The universe is a vast topic and everyone dreams of the life of the unknown out there in space. It has been everyone’s obsession at one point in their lives. For décor, you can choose galaxy themed spaceships and astronaut balloons. This is a very gender-neutral theme. For the main attraction – choose from the best cakes in Chennai- by visiting Cake Square to choose the perfect space themed glaze cakes or theme cake.

Superhero Theme:
Make it a costume party with superhero quotes and props for décor. Have fun filled games by asking your guests to reenact famous dialogue sequences and enjoy the evening. You can also choose to have a war between which superhero handle is the best – and surprise everyone rooting for Marvel with a Stan Lee theme cake and Superman theme cake for the ones rooting for DC! You get to make your theme parties, a huge and memorable event by choosing your sweet evenings from the best cakes in Chennai – at Cake Square!

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