How Many Varieties Of Cakes Can You Get From The Best Cake Shop In Chennai

There are certain key factors for a shop to flaunt as the best cake shop in Chennai and that too in a vibrant city with a hell of celebrations and festivals. We need to take a break to discuss our specialty in the cake world. Yes, we the cake world offer you the best cakes in the industry for every mood and for every occasion. 

Let’s take a round around our menu.

Anniversary Cakes

With the best designers, we create cakes with lovely flavors which make your partner’s heart melt with creamy layers and crusty toppings. As the cherry on the top of a cake, the cake at the end of a ceremony is quite essential. Various fondant cakes with bride and groom sculptures will make your day grand and special, all at an affordable price.

Barbie Doll Cakes

Who hates her, we all were barbies once in our own barbie world. Accept it, boys! 

Bringing Barbie back into our kids’ lives will be the best surprise ever for them. Check out our website, we have a separate section for Barbie dolls. Ask them to place their little fingers on the colorful ladies over the cakes, we will reach your doorstep with a big “Surprise”.

Birthday Cakes

A special day every year waiting to load hundreds of joyous memories in your timeline should be fulfilled with a perfect birthday cake from the best cake shop in Chennai. 

We are here to bring you customized theme-based cakes to surprise your lovable special one. Print their faces, make customized sculptures, pour your ideas, we make your event special. 

Express Cakes

Let the flavors make the talk, we are here to help you to make quirky orders. That is why we named it Express cakes. 

Pineapple, Black currant, Oreo, Irish coffee, Black forest, Chocolate truffle, Cosmo Mango, Butterscotch, and many more. Did we make your mouth water? If not, check out our website and get baked.

Fondant cakes

Sometimes, our special ones wish for some superficial cakes with two-tier or three-tier looks. When you are confused about where to pick them, we are here, with a variety of flavors and designs. The Cake World is standing out as the best cake shop in Chennai with mind bending creativity.

We make animation-based, series-based, cartoon-based cakes for kids and adults, to make your occasions so important and memorable. 

Kids’ Cakes

What will your kids’ favorite cartoon be, just name it. We give life to those characters in the cake and make them smile big as you sing the birthday song with popper shots and sparkling light effects.

 With all the above-mentioned cake varieties, we also provide you with one major important category called eggless cakes. I hope vegans will be happy with this section. 

Along with that, the website provides you with wide space to compare the cakes you chose to order and you can pick the best out of them, like in shops. 

Whatever your plan is, we, The Cake World, the best cake shop in Chennai will be there to satisfy your cake needs, with 100% assurance in safety, taste, and delivery. Plan your cake and place the order. Let’s bake the day with sweetness.

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