HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR CAKE LOOK BETTER? Read the tricks about icing and frosting


Cake Square, the best cake service in Chennai attempts to share our tricks for better presentable cakes which might be of the use of young bakers in the blog. Cake square is the online cake shop in  Chennai that promises quality delivery. By this we mean, the hygiene we guarantee of. We understand the situation of our country which asks for complete social distancing right now. But, now forget distancing from your favourite guilty pleasure that is nothing but cakes! If you have a sweet tooth for cakes, you need not stop craving for them.

Who does not love to bake cakes? It takes less time to make a tasty cake even with limited ingredients. But, as we can say, “ It might take only lesser time to bake a cake, but we can get a lifetime of happiness.”

After we made a cake, before tasting it, what we have to take care of to make the people irresistible to taste it?  The obvious answer is how it is presented. The appearance matters a lot while we make cakes. The problem is when we take the icing pipe and do the decoration attempting to give attractiveness. Unless we don’t know how to do icing and frosting cake baking remains incomplete. Here are a few tips to do it perfectly.

  1. Do not start with a hot and freshly baked cake just out of the oven. Cool the cake and start.
  2. Use a parchment paper or wax paper underneath the cake to avoid the mess. You can take it out easily. There is no worry over that.
  3. Make sure you have a top and round cake top. There are cases where the top of the cake is not leveled. You might be wondering how a professional baker’s cakes look the best. Hope you got the answer. Also, make sure regarding the levels of a cake that they are leveled from all sides.
  4. Next is the first step before you start the actual process. To seal the moisture and fix the cake together, the bakers use the crumb-coating. It is a process where you have to apply a thin level of coating before the actual frosting happens. Let the crumb coating cool down before you start the actual thick layers of frosting. This is the foundation and don’t let it go in vain.
  5. Next is the final process of frosting where you have to heat a spatula and hold it with your pointing finger on the bottom of the spatula for better grip. Do not apply pressure while you are doing the frosting with the spatula. This is why we heat the spatula so that the cream will melt.

Icing helps to make the cakes look much better. After the frosting process, we got the base. So, now icing has to be done. Here are a few tips to do better icing for the beginners :

  • Round cakes are better. Start with a round cake, to begin with as it is easy.
  • Icing temperature has to be ideal room temperature. If it's too warm, it will drip and make it a mess. If it’s cool, then it shall be difficult to come out of the icing pipe.
  • It should be airy and workable so that it becomes easy to work and do it in the aesthetic sense one requires.

These are the few tricks for frosting and icing the cake. Baking is an art and cannot be done very easily without knowledge. So, practice from now and be a professional in baking soon. Besides providing the importance of cakes and baking them, every cake shop in Chennai understands its customers and provide what they require even in the times of a pandemic like this. Customer satisfaction has always been anybody’s primary concern.  Online deliveries are always open and complete responsibility for hygiene would be taken care of. The happiness of the customers is the sole responsibility of every cake shop owner. Your smile is that matters.

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