Customized Theme Cakes: What makes it the new trend for any occasion?

Birthdays, wedding or any occasion we take, adding sweetness to the celebration is all that matters. What makes a celebration without utterly irresistible Cakes? It’s unimaginable. Despite the occasion, the fun gets complete with a yummy cake. Nowadays, with growing expectations, there’s no doubt a normal ice-cream cake couldn’t sate any. We value our customers and to achieve their hearty contentment, we came up with a customized Theme Cakes option. 

Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, a wedding anniversary, a birthday celebration, a baby shower or a simple corporate event, we got you covered. No extra charges. No time delay. We hear your expectations and make the best-customized theme cakes your celebration deserves. 

What types of cakes come under customized theme cakes?

Customized theme cakes is a broad term that covers almost all sorts of themes. Drool-worthy graphic theme cakes, cartoon theme cake, fondant cake, wedding theme cake, 3D theme cake, theme cake for girls such as Barbie shaped cake, theme cake for boys such as Car shaped cake, fondant cake with edible beauty & makeup essentials, exquisite theme cakes with attire & accessories, multi-layered cake such as 2-tier cake, 3-tier cake with specific theme-based edible items, theme cakes including border patterns, laces, caps or any delicate patterns and other such customized theme cakes are doable at Cake Square. 

We do what we commit and that too, with a great level of creativity and intricacy that is beyond your imagination. There is something that turns a simple celebration into a memorable one. And we assure you our customized theme cakes would do that magic!

How do you order Customized theme cakes at Cake square?

Customized theme cakes are our speciality and we don’t compromise on both the quality and taste. If you’d like to purchase our customized theme cakes at the best price, you need to give a call or just WhatsApp us at 9952081222. What’s more convenient than this you may ask for? Ordering a customized theme cake is just a click away. 

You can send us the pictures of how you want the cake to be or explain to us the customizations as you may wish in a call or message. We will respond to you immediately and deliver your customized theme cakes shortly as possible. 

Taste differs from person to person as some may want it chocolaty while some may want it crispy. Why not give your favourite person the flavour they love? They deserve much more than that. So, you may mention the kg, flavour and theme you prefer along with any specifications while ordering. And we meet your expectations with our adorable customized theme cakes. Recently trending Pinata cakes also doesn’t go out of our scope. Just order and you’ll find the true taste of happiness!

What makes Cake Square your ideal destination for Customized theme cakes?

Cake square, over the past 2 decades, has set footprints in the baking industry by delivering quality and building trust in the hearts of the customers. Over the years, we’ve been crafting thousands of theme cakes for different occasions. Some of our cake categories include Valentine's Day Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Flavoured Cakes, Adult Cakes, 1Kg Cakes, Christmas Cakes, American Cakes, and Cup Cakes. 

Customized theme cakes at Cake square can be of any theme. For instance, if we take a wedding occasion, you may require a 5-tier cake to end the occasion with pieces and smiles. When you call us or WhatsApp us for the requirement, we just ask you what you actually need and any additions are appreciable. Say you need a big barbie girl in a rose-studded long frock with added flowers in vanilla flavour or any flavour of your choice, we’ll make a note of it and deliver it to you on the date of your occasion at the time you mentioned. If you need a large size customized theme cake, a specific time span is a must for our experts to match your expectations. Even then, we will deliver your order of customized theme cake within the deadline as promised. The same procedure is applicable for any themed cake you want to customize at cake square. 

We leave no sign of discontentment on the customer’s face and that’s what keeps us going. Now with increasing trends, we’ve come with customization features that you may find simple yet attractive. 

Customized theme Cake is the new and the best trend ever

Customized theme cakes are the most demanded among the people of Chennai. If it’s for the birthday of your best friend who is a football player, Cake square Chennai can design a colourful football-themed cake with flavours of your interest at the best price (Discounted price on special occasions). Birthday, Office party, wedding or whatever be your reason to celebrate, we have the tastiest customized theme cakes in town. 

Order Customized theme cakes online at Cake Square

You may have the heart to surprise your love but won’t be having any idea about the budget. Budget can be a hurdle for many but you don’t have to worry about it at all. When it comes to extravagantly customized theme cakes, we also keep a check on the price and inform you prior. As in fact, we just not bake cakes but bake happiness for our customers. You can check out the varied range of cakes and cupcakes we have made to elevate the enjoyment during celebrations. When it comes to customized theme cakes, prior ordering is ideal. This will help you achieve exactly what you wished for. You may tell us a week in advance or a few days would do. 

Surprises are meant to be suspense? Gift your beloved people the utmost happiness with our customized cakes baked with care. To make it even more comfortable for you, 2-hours quick delivery option is available with us (only for selected orders). So wait no more and level up your joy on the big day with customized theme cakes from Cake Square.

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