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Weddings bring families together. Joyous and celebratory, every wedding is an auspicious start of the new union and has something of its own to remember by. Be it the food served or the beauty of Bride, guests get impressed by something that stands out, something that is unique. But can you make a wedding cake remarkable and indelible at the same time? Yes, you can. With Cake Square, one of the best wedding cake shops in Chennai, you can make your wedding even more unforgettable and sweeter.

For starters, let’s say you are not sure of what do you want but would like to have something that tastes and looks the best. Then, a classy and creamy three-tier white wedding cake can suite your needs. Crowned with a glimmering cake topper, these traditional wedding cakes are always freshly baked, spread with a melting white cream and decorated with the symbols of love at Cake Square. Though traditional cakes usually have typical flavours and colours, you can choose and customize them a little at our shop. It’s a definite plus for all brides who just love chocolate and chocolate.

But some couples want to break the tradition! A three-tier cake is not enough for the couples who seek adventure in everything that even their wedding cake should be as unique as their lifestyle. If that is the case with you, then we have some good news! At Cake Square, being the best in designer and fondant cakes making, we can bring out the fantasy of yours in the wedding cake with the top baking professionals in Chennai. A simple and cute photo cake of the bride and groom? We got you. Showcasing your love story like a journey on the fluffy layers? We got you here too!

From roses to raspberries, hearts to gold, we can design any idea of your ideal wedding cake quickly at Cake Square. You are a fan of Friends but your partner is a fan of Game of Thrones? Don’t worry! We can design and bring the wishes of both the bride and groom in a single wedding cake by merging the different and designs without compromising the look of the cake. A wedding cake that is deliciously complex and eye-catchy can be only baked at Cake Square with our professional bakers.

If you are someone who prefers taste over style, you can visit your nearest Cake Square shop and do your taste testing. You can choose the desired flavours, colours, frosting, and toppings to be used according to your style after seeing and tasting the many varieties we offer in our shop. You can add in your ideas to the designs as we always try to bake the best wedding cake to our customers.

Another hallmark of Cake Square is that we can deliver your wedding cake orders in just two hours. Unbelievable, isn’t it? So put on your wedding shoes and make your wedding cake statement on your special day with our delicious and indelible cakes. Order now!

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