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Back in 15th century German Kinderfest marks the beginning of birthday celebrations. Blowing candles on the birthday cake was their integral custom. You will also be surprised to know that ancient Greeks blow candles making a wish and it is believed that the smoke goes up to heaven, which will make their wishes fulfilled by God.

This is how the history of cutting a birthday cake goes. What we should realize is that even today none of us can imagine a birthday without a birthday cake! During a pandemic like this, it is hard to think of celebrating a birthday. But, to make your special day the most memorable one, here is the best solution – ‘Cake Square’.

Birthday cakes make a person unusually exciting. If they are as delightful in both appearance and taste, that would be the best birthday gift one will receive. More than adults, kids are often excited to see their favourite cake. Kids prefer cakes in the shape of their favourite cartoon and super-hero characters. Be it from Disney, Marvel or DC!

Cake Square takes pride in telling you that we have customized cakes according to your interest. Buying birthday cakes are confusing. There may not be enough varieties or may not look appealing. With varieties, tastes and quality, Cake Square top the list of best cakes available in Chennai.

We understand the situation of our country which asks for complete social distancing right now. But, now forget distancing from your favourite guilty pleasure that is nothing but cakes! Cake Square is just a call away and the cake you wished for will be at your door-step. Buy birthday cakes online from Cake square, the best cake shop in Chennai.

Parents are seen worried about the amount of sweet intake a child has. Keeping in mind about the health of a child, we provide birthday cakes that are healthy and hygienic.  There are cakes with an excessive amount of low-quality cream but we, Cake Square assure you the high-quality of cakes we provide the customers. Now, parents can be at peace seeing their kids gobbling up a big piece of cake!

To make you realize the extent to which we love birthday cakes, despite all the care and concern of parents, remember after eating a piece of cake, everyone eats the same piece of cake. Unimaginable during the times of Corona?  Also, it is believed that while we blow the candles, bacteria on top of the cake increases by 14%! But, does that matter because we are extremely happy cutting and having a tasty birthday cake for our birthday?

Besides providing the importance of birthday cakes, Cake Square understands its customers and provide the best birthday cakes they require. Customer satisfaction has always been our primary concern. Online deliveries are always open and complete responsibility of hygiene would be taken care of. The happiness of the customers is our sole responsibility. You can always browse our site for buying your favourite cakes online or just visit our branches anytime. But, stepping out of your home during these tough times is not advisable and hence we as the pioneers of online cake delivery, Cake Square can provide with what you wish for at your doorsteps without even the worry of stepping out of your home.

To become a well- known cake shop amidst various competitors we have struggled hard. Working harder gained us, satisfied customers. Quality along with the quantity and prompt responses to the queries of customers are our specialities.  Grab your orders for birthday cakes and make it an unforgettable celebration with Cake Square cakes. Your smiles matter.

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