HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR CAKE LOOK BETTER? Read the tricks about icing and frosting

Cake Square, the best cake service in Chennai attempts to share our tricks for better presentable cakes which might be of the use of young bakers in the blog. Cake square is the online cake shop in  Chennai that promises quality delivery. By this we mean, the hygiene we guarantee of. We understand the situation of our country which asks for complete social distancing right now. But, now forget distancing from your favourite guilty pleasure that is nothing but cakes! If you have a sweet tooth for cakes, you need not stop craving for them. Who does not love to bake cakes? It takes less time to make a tasty cake even with limited ingredients. But, as we can say,...

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  Have you ever thought why does a sweet can change your bad day to a good one within no time? A sugary treat can always lift your mood. What if it is a delicious piece of cake? Chocolate to a basic fruit cake can easily make us happy. Be it any celebration, the first thing to come to your mind is to order a cake. Now, in the times of the pandemic, many might be facing an irresistible craving for cakes. Many might have missed a celebration because of the obvious reasons for going on around the state. Here is Cake Square to resolve all your problems. We assure the top quality service for our customers. Besides the many...

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Back in 15th century German Kinderfest marks the beginning of birthday celebrations. Blowing candles on the birthday cake was their integral custom. You will also be surprised to know that ancient Greeks blow candles making a wish and it is believed that the smoke goes up to heaven, which will make their wishes fulfilled by God. This is how the history of cutting a birthday cake goes. What we should realize is that even today none of us can imagine a birthday without a birthday cake! During a pandemic like this, it is hard to think of celebrating a birthday. But, to make your special day the most memorable one, here is the best solution – ‘Cake Square’. Birthday cakes...

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An Overview on Birthday Cakes

Change is inevitable and even cakes experience that. What used to be just a simple tea-time snack has evolved over the years through design and taste, and now they are an integral part of every celebration. There is nothing sweeter than biting into a piece of creamy and spongy cakes while celebrating your special occasion. In fact, cakes are the best part of any celebration and no one can deny that. One of the celebrations that every individual loves celebrating is the birthday. Though the birthday comes every year, a regular event it is, the excitement for birthday never fades away.  Along with surprises, wishes, and gifts, a birthday girl/boy surely deserves something sweeter that will make their special day...

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Best Wedding Cake Shop in Chennai

  Weddings bring families together. Joyous and celebratory, every wedding is an auspicious start of the new union and has something of its own to remember by. Be it the food served or the beauty of Bride, guests get impressed by something that stands out, something that is unique. But can you make a wedding cake remarkable and indelible at the same time? Yes, you can. With Cake Square, one of the best wedding cake shops in Chennai, you can make your wedding even more unforgettable and sweeter. For starters, let’s say you are not sure of what do you want but would like to have something that tastes and looks the best. Then, a classy and creamy three-tier white...

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